Thursday, October 3, 2013

Plant Your Winter Garden in Santa Cruz County including La Selva Beach

Fall is here.  And now is the time to plant your winter garden and take advantage of our Mediterranean climate in Santa Cruz County.  
There is an abundance of cool-weathered vegetables just waiting to be planted.
Step 1: A quick summer garden clean up is essential. This actually prepares the way for a healthy spring garden as well.  Rake up the rotting fruit, put the withering vines in the greenwaste bin, and throw down a new layer of mulch.  
Step 2: Pick winter vegetables (as opposed to summer vegetables). Snap peas, lettuce, beets, leeks, green onions, kale, chard, carrots, potatoes and some ideas.
Step 3: Give as much sun exposure as possible. Because the daylight is less in the winter, make sure that your garden is getting sun.  

Step 4: Be patient. Plants grow more slowly in the winter. Normally, our wet winter will take care of the watering. (Let's hope for a wet winter.)

For additional information on winter gardens in the Santa Cruz area, visit The Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems.  

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