Friday, January 10, 2014

Funny but Real Top Ten Reason it is Time to Sell Your Home in Santa Cruz County

by Terri Woods - Terri sells real estate in Santa Cruz County and North Monterey County

Hey Home Owners... WE NEED YOU! Have you thought about selling your home?

Santa Cruz County Stats 
 With inventory down, and buyers wanting to buy, we are in need of more homes on the market.

Many of you were burned by the economy and the decrease in home prices. BUT... it's coming back. (See Graph)

Ten Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home

1. The kids have all graduated from college. You finally have time to yourself…then they move back home!

2. You have three spare rooms in a four bedroom house. 

3. You have to shuffle your cars each morning to leave for work. 

4. You spend more time driving to work than you do with your family. 

5. You spend more money each month for storage than you do for your mortgage. 

6. Your neighbor found a loophole in the homeowner's association rules and is raising donkeys. 

7. You keep hearing faint voices telling you to "get out" and they're getting louder. 

8. Grandpa Jed just struck oil while hunting in your back yard. 

9. The dog’s house doubles as a guest room. 

10. You have to take a number to use the bathroom.

Call me for a current Highest Price Analysis and see if now is the time to sell.

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