Friday, January 17, 2014

New Years Resolution: Join the 4 BEDROOM CLUB in North Monterey County

Top 10 Reasons Why To Join the 4 Bedroom Club in North Monterey County

By Terri Woods – Selling Real Estate in Salinas, Prunedale, Aromas, Moss Landing, Marina, North Monterey County, and surrounding areas
10. Your kid sister-in-law wants to live with you.
9. Privacy from your Mom and Dad (ever-so-happy Grandparents) when they visit for more than a couple of days.
8. Extra closet space for the wife with shoes like Imelda Marcos (History Lesson – she had over 3000 pairs of shoes)
7. You found out the 80” TV that you bought at Costco will not fit in the den, so you have to knock out a wall between the 3rd and 4th bedroom so you can keep it.
6. You could not sleep one night and ended up purchasing a yoga mat, iron gym, and an elliptical… and your garage is full.
5. The ultrasound revealed that you are having triplets.
4. Home office because….... you work from home.

3. Multimedia room so family members can watch different TV shows or use the internet without being in the midst of family activity.
2. Better Resale – traditionally, 4 bedrooms homes have a better resale value.

1. The biggest benefit of a 4 bedroom home is FLEXIBILITY!  Four bedrooms allows you to use the house however you want. YEAH!

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